Most financial technology is slow, monotonous and complicated.
Asto, a new service that aims to provide businesses with loans to keep capital flowing, is designed to change all of that. With its modern, flat-style design and its cheerful colors, Asto presents itself as a breath of fresh air from tired, stale old designs stuck in the last century.

Fast, fluid animations and easy-to-follow steps are illustrated to show how much quicker and more intuitive the Asto platform is compared to its predecessors. Thanks to its upbeat music and carefree design, this Asto ad puts a fun and creative spin along with a fresh new look on the financial industry.

Creative Director – Matt Fryer
Producer – Steph Wilkinson
Lead Designer – Danny Jak Midwinter
2d Animators – Danny Jak Midwinter, Leonario Fernandes & Kirsty Deacon