BBC Innovation

Can an animation really take you to the future while harkening back to the past?  It can, and this tongue-in-cheek promotional video for the BBC manages to do both, perfectly. Going beyond a mere nod to the 80s, it expertly harnesses that teal, pink and blue we seemed to all be so fond of back then, as well as those EXTREME patterns and lets them dance playfully with the technology of today.

Designed as a parody to demonstrate not only our love for technology but our weird obsession with a myriad of ways to use it, this clever yet cheeky video combines the best of both worlds in a way that’s humorous, with a touch of honesty. 

From bite-sized videos for the busy to personalized content recommendations made possible by your cat, the threshold has been crossed and thanks to this video, news as we know it will never be the same!

Client – Stereo Creative
Creative Director – Matt Fryer
Producer – Steph Wilkinson
Editor | Designer – Danny Jak Midwinter
Designer | 3d Animator | Compositor – Leonario Fernandes