Game Night!

What do aliens, zombies, fighters, and world-class animation have in common? They’re all elements of a Syfy promotion showcasing a day devoted to movies featuring the worlds of beloved video games like Halo and Street Fighter.

But why simply show clips when you can make the viewer feel like part of a game themselves? Unique arcade-style titles and graphics harken back to a simpler time before motion-tracking remotes, virtual reality and online play.

From announcing the player’s entry into the arena, to guiding them through knockouts and flawless victories, this promotional slot was designed to appeal to sci-fi movie buffs as well as gaming fanatics,

Blending the best of both worlds into one “next level” experience. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for a pocketful of quarters afterwards.

Client – NBCUniversal
Creative Director – Mark Gouldie
Editor | Producer – Tom Lindsey
Designer | Animator – Leonario Fernandes