A simple lie detector EKG transforms into something much more sinister as murderous women retell the stories of when they killed. Whether for love of vengeance, racing heartbeats suddenly become butcher knives, guns, hammers, axes and more, the EKG scribbling furiously in a hue reminiscent of blood.  As the tales unfold, key clips from various trials are interspersed, inviting the viewer to form their own conclusions as to whether or not these women were acting in self-defense, or if they truly…snapped.

Snapped for 13th Street won big at the Kinsale Awards in 2014. It received a Gold award for Best Design Promo, a Silver award for Best Factual Promo and at Promax UK a Bronze award for Best Factual Promo

Client – 13th Street
Creative Director – Mark Gouldie & Clem Pavey
Editor – Joe Kerrigan
Producer – Clem Pavey
Designer | 2d Animator  – Leonario Fernandes